Our brand has always been represented by Pomona, she’s our Goddess…

A woman’s face with hair of grapes, Pomona is the fruits Roman Goddess (therefore called Patrona pomorum, the “Lady of the fruits”), also referring to the olive tree and vitis ones.

Her name comes after the Latin term pomum, “fruit”. Ovidio describes her with a scythe in the right hand, and dedicates her a sacred forest called Pomonal, located south of the twelfth mile of Via Ostiense, close to Castel Porziano in Rome. According to the poet Ausonius, Pomona protects the month of September because that’s when fruits ripe

The Italian Pomona, by Giorgio Gallesio (Finalborgo, 1772 – Firenze, 1839), is also the first and most important collection of images and descriptions of fruits and fruit trees ever made in Italy. The opus, made by bruchures published between 1817 and 1839, exists today in very few exemplars.

Pomona is then the face that appears on every labels of ours since 1979 until today.

Our actual labels are the result of a recent restyiling process, entrusted to Robilant Studios in Milan, an important design company that represents the “Made in Italy” concept all around the World.

Asking Maurizio from Robilant to take care of our restyle has been a real return to our roots; he’s the same person who first pictured the Pomona’s face on our first labels in 1979.

Pomona is always present in many different occasions, and our company offers her on various objects, as a good omen to the watching over the harvest and the winery.